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Assembled Plastic Pallet with ‘Chuan’ Character

Plastic pallet with ‘Chuan’ character refers to a plastic pallet with a bottom in the shape of the Chinese character "川" (Chuan). It is also known by various names such as Chuan plastic spacer, warehouse spacer board, cardboard, and more. This style of plastic pallet is suitable for various types of forklifts, including mechanical forklifts, manual forklifts, electric forklifts, and others. The pallet can also accommodate steel pipes and is suitable for use on various shelves in warehouses, providing safety and environmental friendliness.

    Characteristics of the plastic pallet with ‘Chuan’ character

    Suitable for forklift transportation and warehouse spacers, it can enhance the operational efficiency of the entire logistics and warehousing system. It effectively reduces the damage rate when storing and transporting soft paper boxes. Widely used in industries such as warehousing, automotive parts, electromechanical machinery, food and beverage, electronics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, and more.


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    1)Low damage cost.
    Assembled plastic pallets only require replacing the damaged edges, eliminating the need to replace the entire board. This can save customers 90% of the cost at a later stage. They are easy to dismantle, overcoming the disadvantage of the traditional plastic pallet's irreparable nature.

    2) Excellent anticollision
    The edge parts of the assembled plastic pallets feature a thickened and strengthened design, providing superior crash resistance compared to regular pallets. Our product's service life is significantly longer than that of regular plastic pallets.

    3) Various color options
    The edge part of our pallet comes in multiple color options, allowing customers to manage stock classification and maintain a neater warehouse.

    4) Switch size at any time
    If customers have stocks of different sizes or need seasonal adjustments for warehousing, they can easily reassemble the pallets to other dimensions, eliminating the need to purchase new pallets.

    5)Reasonable price
    The price of an assembled plastic pallet patented by Lichuan is almost the same as that of a regular plastic pallet.


    Product Parameters

    Standard Size (Main Board): 1100mm(L)*1000mm(W)*150mm(H)
    Material: PP, PE
    Shelf Load: 1 t
    Static Load: 1 t - 4 t
    Dynamic Load: 1 t - 2 t
    Forklift Entry: Four Sides
    Compatible Forklifts: Manual Forklift, Motor Forklift


    Product Parameters



    Lichuan Assembled Plastic Pallet


    Traditional Plastic Pallet


    Timber Pallet



    Plastic Pallet of Chuan character, with size of 1200mm*1000mm*150mm




    34 (2)c4t









    Steel Tubes


    0-8 tubes


    0-8 tubes




    Static Load:4t - 9.5t Dynamic Load: 1-3t Static Load: 4t Dynamic Load: 1-3t Static Load: 2- 4t Dynamic Load: 1t

    Switch Sizes


    Yes, available to assemble thousands of sizes





    Colors Customized


    Different edge part color options, allow the customer to classify their stocks. Make the warehouse management more artistic.








    With a reinforced edge part, the pallet can withstand 3-6 forklift crashes.  

    Damaged by 1-2 forklift crashes


    Damaged by 1 forklift crash

    Damage Solution


    Only replace the damaged anticollision edge part, save 90% cost in future.


    Purchase a new board


    Purchase a new board

    Price (USD)







    Quality Report


    National quality inspection report






    Expenditure (USD) of maintaining 10000 pallets in five years of operation, assuming the damage rate of plastic pallets is 10% per year. The damage rate for timber pallet is 100% per year.

    Depletion in 5 years with 10% damage rate per year:

    10000*10%*5 = 5000 pallets,

    Only replace the anticollision edge part for each damaged product,

    which is 2.14$ per unit.


    Total cost: 5000*2.14 = 10,700



    The actual damage rate per year that has been tested for our anticollision plastic pallet is only 3%-5%, which is way lower than 10%.

    Depletion in 5 years with 10% damage rate per year:

    10000*10%*5 = 5000 pallets,

    Must replace whole board,


    Total cost: 5000*21.7 = 108,500


    Depletion in 5 years with 100% damage rate per year:

    10000*100%*5=50000 pallets,

    Must replace whole board,


    Total cost: 50000*7.1 = 355,000