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Plastic Pallet with 'Tian' character

The plastic pallet with the character "tian" in it is shaped like the character "tian" as the name suggests. Made of high quality virgin HDPE material for durability and strength. It is also corrosion-proof and moisture-proof, making it ideal for long-term use. It can be easily transported using a forklift, greatly improving the speed of product processing in industry, warehouses, ships, etc.


    1. Light weight: Plastic pallets are lightweight and easier to handle and move. It has an ergonomic design, which can complete loading and unloading more safely and reduce the risk of manual handling.
    2. Easy to clean and disinfect: The smooth surface makes the plastic tray easy to clean and disinfect. Reduce the generation of bacteria and dirt, reducing maintenance time.
    3. Cost-effective: easy to maintain and long service life, helping to reduce maintenance and update costs.
    4. Environmental protection: used plastic pallets can be recycled into new pallets to avoid cost waste and be more environmentally friendly
    5. Environmental tolerance: Plastic pallets are resistant to most weather conditions that may affect required performance
    6. Variability: A variety of sizes are available, and customization within a certain range is acceptable to meet the needs of different companies.


    Plastic pallets are versatile and meet the needs of different industries, including:

    1. Agriculture: The transportation of fresh produce is crucial, and the damage cost of assembled plastic pallets is low and the ability to replace only the damaged edges saves a lot of costs. Additionally, pallet sizes can be switched as needed to accommodate different sizes of produce, making the entire process more adaptable and cost-effective.
    2. Automation systems: Automation systems thrive on precision and reliability. Prefabricated plastic pallets offer consistent size and durability and integrate seamlessly into automated material handling processes. Easy disassembly and reassembly helps meet changing automation requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.
    3. Automobile: The automobile industry relies on strong logistics to achieve efficient transportation of parts. Known for their excellent anti-collision capabilities, assembled plastic pallets provide excellent anti-collision properties to protect car parts during transportation. This resiliency helps extend service life and reduce the frequency of pallet replacements and associated costs.

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