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Low Investment on molds and injection machine

Tens of thousands of plastic pallet sizes can be assembled using two types of main board parts and 12 types of edge parts. The number of dimensions is theoretically infinite, as the parts can be assembled an unlimited number of times. This implies that manufacturers only incur a small cost to invest in molds but can cater to an infinite variety of required plastic pallet sizes.
Our patented product offers a distinct advantage through its innovative assembly pallet design. Utilizing assembly molding techniques, the pallet boasts a maximum panel weight of 8 kilograms and a dimension of 1100*1000 mm, rendering it highly efficient and cost-effective. Remarkably, production requires only a 1800-ton injection molding machine and a few small machines, eliminating the necessity for larger machinery and significantly reducing operational costs. This streamlined manufacturing process not only enhances efficiency but also offers substantial cost savings, making our product an ideal choice for companies seeking innovative solutions in pallet design and production.


Size-Adaptive Pallet Assembly Solution

Assembled plastic pallet technique offers a remarkable advantage in their unparalleled versatility, as they can be effortlessly configured to accommodate various sizes and specifications. This adaptability ensures that our pallets seamlessly adapt to the unique needs and requirements of different industries and applications. Whether it's large-scale logistics operations or smaller-scale storage solutions, our pallets can be tailored to fit any dimension, making them an invaluable asset for companies seeking flexible and efficient pallet solutions. The size and weight can be adjusted by assembling different parts to comply with pallet standards in different countries.


Relax Inventory Pressure

Our pallet assembly flexibility offers a distinct advantage by alleviating inventory pressure for companies and manufacturers. By combining pallets to meet specific size requirements, businesses can optimize their inventory levels, reducing excess stock and minimizing warehousing costs. This streamlined approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also allows organizations to allocate resources more effectively, ultimately improving their bottom line.

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No R&D Costs

With Lichuan's comprehensive support system, companies can eliminate Research and Development (R&D) costs entirely. Our dedicated technical assistance, patent licensing opportunities, and thorough product management training empower licensors to bring innovative solutions to market without the burden of R&D expenses. This strategic approach not only accelerates product development but also ensures that licensors can focus their resources on other critical areas of their business, maximizing efficiency and profitability.

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Low Production Costs

Lichuan's patented assembled plastic pallets boast remarkably low production costs, with a marginal increase of just 3% - 5% compared to standard plastic pallets. However, the long-term savings far outweigh this slight initial investment. By utilizing our innovative pallets, companies can enjoy cost savings of over 90% in the long run. This significant reduction in expenses underscores the economic feasibility and sustainability of our pallet solutions, providing companies with a competitive edge while enhancing their bottom line.

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Simply Equipped and Compatible To Automation

Assembled plastic pallets are easy to equip manually or install automatically. This includes assembling board parts on board parts as well as board parts on edge parts. For our manufacturer partners, this capability can result in significant savings in labour expenditures.

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Local Agent Leasing

The greatest advantage of local agent leasing is that assembled pallets can be leased locally at a low price, and the used pallets are 100% recyclable. The service life of the anticollision assembled plastic pallets is 3-5 times longer than that of regular pallets, saving local customers more than 90% in depletion costs. There is no need to replace a new pallet when the old one is damaged; customers only need to replace a new and inexpensive edge part. The leasing price is lower than purchasing a timber pallet with the same size, making the long-term profit for the agent remarkable."

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