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Double Sided Plastic Pallet

The double-sided plastic pallet is a common type of pallet structure in the pallet industry. As the name suggests, a double-sided pallet refers to a pallet that can be used on both sides. The main function of the double-sided plastic pallet, compared to other structural pallets, lies in its ability to stack goods. Double-sided pallets are widely used in the chemical industry, particularly for stacking goods. Additionally, double-sided pallets (double-sided plastic pallets) can be used in conjunction with stacking machines and are often employed for stacking goods, making them common in industries such as food and beverage, as well as deep processing of flour.


    1. Economical Repair Solutions:
    One of the standout advantages of assembled plastic pallets lies in their remarkably low damage cost. The ingenious design allows for the replacement of only the damaged edges, circumventing the need to replace the entire board. This results in an impressive 90% cost saving for customers in subsequent stages. Moreover, the ease of dismantling addresses a significant drawback seen in traditional plastic pallets, where irreparability often leads to more substantial expenses.

    2. Outstanding Anticollision Capabilities:
    The edge parts of assembled plastic pallets exhibit a design that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Featuring a thickened and strengthened structure, these edges provide unparalleled crash resistance when compared to regular pallets. The net effect is a substantial extension of the product's service life, surpassing the longevity typically associated with conventional plastic pallets.

    3. Versatility in Color Selection:
    Adding a touch of practicality and aesthetics, the edge part of our pallet is available in a plethora of color options. This feature empowers customers not only to efficiently manage stock classification but also to maintain a visually pleasing and well-organized warehouse environment. The flexibility in color choice adds a layer of customization to suit diverse storage needs.

    4. Adaptable Size Adjustments:
    Responding to the dynamic demands of warehousing, our assembled plastic pallets offer a unique advantage – the ability to switch sizes at any time. Customers with stocks of varying dimensions or those requiring seasonal adjustments find this feature invaluable. The ease with which the pallets can be reassembled eliminates the need to invest in entirely new pallets, thereby optimizing resource utilization.

    5. Competitive and Rational Pricing:
    Despite the advanced features and benefits offered, the pricing of Lichuan's patented assembled plastic pallet remains impressively competitive. In fact, it is almost indistinguishable from the cost of a regular plastic pallet. This affordability, coupled with the enhanced attributes, positions our product as a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance.

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    Parameters of 9-feet single-sided

    Standard Size (Main Board): 1100mm(L)*1000mm(W)*150mm(H)
    Material: PP, PE
    Shelf Load: 1 t
    Static Load: 2 t - 4 t
    Dynamic Load: 1 t - 2 t
    Forklift Entry: Four Sides
    Compatible Forklifts: Manual Forklift, Motor Forklift
    Steel Tubes 0-8