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Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mr. Zhang

Plastics innovator, marketing strategist, and operational expert, Mr.Zhang brings over two decades of dedicated involvement in the research, development, and trade operations of plastic products. With a keen focus on revolutionary inventions, patent applications, and production management of assembly-style plastic pallets for the past decade, Mr. Zhang has become a leading authority in the industry.
Over the last five years, Mr.Zhang has delved deeply into understanding the industry trends, market demands, and effective marketing and promotional strategies specifically tailored for assembly-style plastic pallets.   Leveraging this extensive knowledge, they have outlined a visionary development concept and practical framework for a digitalized leasing and sharing platform dedicated to assembly-style plastic pallets.   With a decade of specialized expertise, Mr. Zhang is committed to driving innovation, ensuring operational excellence, and leading our company towards a sustainable and prosperous future in the plastic pallet industry.

Corporate culture


Our visionary objective is to emerge as a global leader in the pallet industry, distinguished by our commitment to transformative innovation, continuous upgrades, and pioneering leasing-sharing solutions. As we chart our course for the future, we aspire not only to redefine industry standards but also to foster collaboration and cooperation across various countries. Our focus is on creating a global reputation for unparalleled excellence through strategic partnerships and shared success.


Rooted in our mission is an unwavering commitment to excellence, geared towards enhancing efficiency within the logistics sector.  We are dedicated to making significant contributions to the dual-carbon initiative and aligning our practices with sustainability.  An integral aspect of our mission involves creating enduring value for society, the industry, our dedicated workforce, and all stakeholders.  By meticulously balancing economic and social considerations, we actively seek cooperation with businesses in various countries, aiming to create a seamless integration of benefits that transcends borders.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our identity, propelling us forward in our pursuit of excellence. We prioritize efficiency and fairness, ensuring that our principles resonate across borders. Our commitment to treating employees and customers with impartiality and respect extends globally.   Anchoring our decision-making on objective facts, we embrace cooperation with like-minded industry players in various countries, utilizing shared insights to navigate the dynamic global landscape.


Our philosophy embodies the essence of co-creation, sharing, and strategic partnerships on a global scale. We actively seek opportunities for collaboration with businesses in various countries, fostering an ecosystem where collective efforts drive success. Embracing a paradigm of mutual growth and prosperity, we engage in strategic partnerships with industry counterparts globally, propelling us towards a win-win world characterized by shared success and cooperation.